Our promise

“Promise much, and deliver more”

Our obsession with luxury and comfort is not limited to our collection of prestige cars, but is reflected in our constant battle to provide the most opulent chauffeur and concierge service for all of our clients, whether it’s a corporate booking or a wedding chauffeur service.

From the moment you pick up the phone to book your Kuhnas chauffeur driven vehicle, you instantly become the most important person in the world to us.

Your chauffeurs responsibilities go further than ensuring you travel in total style and comfort, but include safeguarding all of our clients to make sure that no matter what, you are safe and protected.

Hybrid Chauffeur

Mercedes-Benz is a leading innovator in hybrid drive system technology; part of our ongoing commitment to produce more fuel efficient cars and reduce our vehicles’ environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.
The Mercedes-Benz S300L BlueTEC Hybrid is Professional Driver magazine’s Car of the Year for 2014. The luxury saloon has been voted the number one choice for the Chauffeuring and Private Hire industry thanks to its outstanding combination of interior luxury, hi-tech safety systems and outstanding fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, thanks to a well-packaged diesel hybrid powertrain that does not compromise rear seat luxury or boot space.

With our bespoke build S300 long wheel base hybrid chauffeur vehicles, we have also redefined the levels of luxury our clients experience when booking their hybrid luxury chauffeur vehicle.

Our S-Classes come with comfort ventilated and massaging rear electric reclining seats with master chair reclining flat, electric blinds all around, fold out contemporary business tables, Freeview TV and DVD with upgraded surround sound system and all the luxury gratuities you could expect from a luxury chauffeur service.


An innovative, preventative safety system, Pre-Safe® gives your chauffeur driven car ‘instincts’. So it can sense critical situations – such as emergency braking or extreme steering movements - and initiate pre-emptive safety measures.

Pre-Safe® harnesses the sensor technology already fitted for existing systems such as ESP, BAS or BAS Plus. These sensors can detect a potentially hazardous driving situation – for example, heavy oversteer or understeer – and relay the information to the Pre-Safe® system.

In response, Pre-Safe® triggers appropriate safety measures – such as electronic seat belt pre-tensioners and Neck-Pro active head restraints - to help prevent injuries should a collision occur.

In addition, Pre-Safe® triggers almost complete closure of side windows - and sunroof, if fitted - to protect occupants from any objects or debris entering the vehicle. This also helps prevent injuries caused by an occupant’s arm or head projecting outside the vehicle. And the closed side window braces the windowbag, if deployed.

Depending on the model and specifications, the system can also reposition seats into an upright safety position. And – in the case of optional multi-contour seats – inflate the cushion and backrest bolsters to provide added support for occupants.